Service Conventions



First Visit

During the initial session, it will be a session for gathering information to determine the issues that you sought treatment, reviewing any documents completed, informed consent and treatment planning. The first session can take 45–60 minutes to complete.

Assessment Sessions

The first session will be a gathering session that takes up to 60 minutes. Subsequent sessions will include the administration of one to several psychological tests. The approximate time will depend on the type and number of tests being administered. After the testing has been completed, a report will be generated, followed by a feedback session to go over the test results and recommendations.


Before group, you will meet with me to determine if you would be admitted into the group. Once admitted, group typically runs from 75-120 minutes. 

*Some insurers cover group therapy while others do not. 


My practice is completely virtual, with no physical address. If we need to meet in person for specific portions of an assessment, then a location in Virginia will be located.

Sessions available on certain evenings and Saturdays.

In addition to being licensed, I also provide virtual sessions to individuals residing in the DMV and provide virtual sessions to individuals residing in a PSYPACT member state, check the following list to see all states available.

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